Parkovi Opatija

parkovi Opatija lies on the coast of Kvarner, at the foot of mountain Učka (1396 m), it spreads over two geographically different regions; the coastal belt- the Opatija Riviera or the Opatija coast with 43 kilometers of sea coast and the mountainous part, conditionally called the Opatija Karst.

Opatija is the center of the tourist complex below Učka, spreading from Preluk to Brseč. Exceptionally mild and pleasant climate conditioned by its favourable location has been one of the major factors of its attractiveness. Mountain Učka protects Opatija from the burst of cold northern winds, while the islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj protect it at the east and south from the winds blowing at the open sea. Mild climate influenced the growth of lush vegetation enriched by interpolated exotic plants, proving the harmonious synergy of the man and his imagination with natural phenomena.

The space has palmaa romantic atmosphere, it is humanized; it serves the man, it has been designed for him and at his measure. Opatija is an example of professional incorporation of architecture into the landscape, an example of respect for the values of the landscape and the ambience.

In record time Opatija has risen form a small fisherman village with a Benedictine abbey and the church of St. Jacob mentioned in 1449, to a fashionable winter resort. In 1844 the Patrician from Rijeka, Iginio Scarpa had a summer house built. Villa Angiolina. That year is therefore considered to be the beginning of tourism in Opatija. Simultaneously with construction of the villa and Hotel Kvarner, the central park in Opatija was built (1882- 1884).
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