Parkovi Opatija

Park MargaritaThe second largest park is Margarita Park, established immediately after 1900. It spreads over the area of 3.5 hectares. According to the data from 1915, the park is completely preserved, it was devastated on its edges by various adaptations, reconstructions and unsuitable building (Hotel Opatija, tennis courts, terrace of Hotel Zagreb and similar).

According to the appearance of some plants (oak, bearberry, Judas’s tree and similar), it may be said that it is older than Angiolina Park, but the reason probably lies in the fact that more original plants were preserved.

Park MargaritaBesides these two largest and most important parks in Opatija we also have the park by Hotel Imperijal, Park in V. Nazor street, D. Gervaisa Park, Esperia Park etc. which are taken care of and maintained. There are also many valuable and prestigious parks near the apartment blocks and hotels which are more or less not maintained, partly or completely devastated although they are very important for the complete image of Opatija.
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