Parkovi Opatija

Parkovi OpatijaCommercial company for arrangement and care of green areas and flower cultivation "PARKOVI" d.o.o. was established - on 1 May 1950 under the name of Municipal Company for Management of Beaches and Parks
on 1 January 1955 it changes its name into: Communal Company "Parks and Beaches" Opatija
- on 30 October 1970 the company’s name is changed into: Economic Company "Slatina"
- on 13 July the Basic Organization Horticulture was established
- on 1 January 1990 a company in social ownership under the name of Public Company "Parks and Beaches" p.o. Opatija is established
-Parkovi Opatija on 14 July 1993 the company name is changed into: Public Company "Parks Ltd." Opatija
- since 4 May 1995 the company’s has acted under the name: "PARKS" Ltd. Opatija

Commercial Company for arrangement and care of green areas and flower cultivation "Parks" Ltd. Opatija, Stubište Lipovica 2, was incorporated in the Register of the Commercial Court in Rijeka on 28 November 1995 under number Tt-95/954-2, MBS 040006660.

Personal identity number given by the Ministry of Finance, Tax Office is 41874531291.

Company's scope of business comprises the following activities:
Services sector for lay-out and maintenance of landscape.Parkovi Opatija
Cultivation of flowers, decorative plants and seeds
Civil engineering
Wholesale and mediation in sale
Wholesale of flowers and seedlings
Retail sale of books, newspapers, magazines and stationary
Retail sale of flowers
- Specialized retail sale of seeds and fertilizers
- Maintenance and cleaning of parks, playgrounds and other public green areas
- Management, maintenance and cleaning of beaches and maintenance and cleaning of promenades
- Design and protection of horticultural areas
- Performance of horticultural works
Company share capital incorporated in the Register of the Commercial Court in Rijeka is 3,638,300 kunas. Total capital of the Company is more than 20,000,000.00 kn. The Company was established to perform communal activities of maintenance of public areas in the area of the Company member.

Parkovi OpatijaThe Company is owned by the City of Opatija.
Register number assigned by the State Statistics Institute is 3363287. Payment operations are performed by the account no.
2360000-1102178938 at Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb.
Company's bodies are the Assembly, Supervisory Board and Management.
The Company has an average of 78 employees.
The Company employs highly qualified employees with a knowledge and experience that allow them to deal with the most complex tasks from the scope of the Company activities.
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